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Teaching Philosophy: Sherrie McGraw

What is Sherrie McGraw’s teaching philosophy?
 How should a student pick an art teacher?
 How does an art student get better?

Stacy states “This blog will explain Sherrie McGraw’s teaching philosophy. She is one of the best teachers that I have studied with, in part because she is patient and very generous with her knowledge and time.”



In the video below,  Sherrie will give advice to students on studio work habits and reasons why a student chooses a teacher. This blog will also address the issues involved in finding an art teacher who meets your needs.
How do I know I’m learning and is this progress something that can be measured?
Struggling through one’s art education at every level from novice to experienced professional is something that confronts all artists who want to improve their skills and understanding. Art education can be a costly and exasperating experience but this blog will help guide you on this path. An interview with artist and writer Sherrie McGraw will give you an inside glimpse into the student/teacher relationship and what it means to develop into a fine artist.
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“The life of an artist is not just for a privileged few. The skills involved in becoming an artist are learnable, but for a novice, this journey may seem intimidating. Rest assured, most anyone can learn to paint and draw, but the most important quality to have is perseverance and patience. Solutions in painting and drawing are simple if we can allow ourselves to see them. Learning technique is not the biggest hurdle—it is keeping us from making painting or drawing more difficult than they need to be.  And while the results are important, they are not so important as the changes that take place while learning.  The transformation into a more sensitive and intelligent human being is, for me, the most rewarding part of developing as an artist.”

                                                Sherrie McGraw


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