Weekly Atelier 2022 - The Artists Guild Fine Art | Bright Light Fine Art

Weekly Atelier 2022


In addition to the ways we already provide to help your artistic growth, you’ll also have access every Wednesday to live demonstrations in our private Community Group on Facebook where you can paint along, watch, and/or ask questions of the instructors as they are working. This weekly LIVE interaction with an instructor gives you the support necessary to continue to grow as an artist no matter how far you live from an art school and without leaving your own studio. Every month features a different instructor tackling a multitude of painting challenges in virtually every subject matter and discipline.

Here below you will find the list of Weekly Atelier replay recordings and reference materials for each session.

2022 Sessions

  • August/Gregg Kreutz: Painting Portraits (1-4)
  • August/Sherrie McGraw: What Drawing is All About
  • September/Nancy Chaboun: Painting Costumed Models (1-3)
  • September/Sherrie McGraw: Still Life
  • October/Gregg Kreutz: Cityscape
  • October/Stacy Kamin: Cityscape (1-3)
  • November/Roberta Remy: Figure Outdoors (1-4)
  • December/Vintage David Leffel (1-2)