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eaning Oil Paint Brushes

Cleaning Oil Paint Brushes

How do I clean oil paint out of my brushes?

Improper washing of your oil painting brushes is not only harmful to the brushes, it also becomes very costly in the long run. So often students have trouble cleaning paint out of the metal ferrule of the brush, which can cause their brushes to become stiff and unpliable. Misuse and harsh washing of brushes can also cause the hairs to splay out and be difficult to use. Preserve some of the most costly oil painting tools by washing your brushes thoroughly.  In this blog you will learn the right way to treat your most important tool—the oil paint brush.  


1. Wipe excess paint out with a paper towel.

Cleaning Oil Paint Brushes

2. Buy Palmolive or Murphy’s Oil Soap.



3. Squeeze some out in a small container in the sink.


4. Make a puddle of soap.


5. Gently clean brushes in a circular motion.


6. Use a common house soap for the finish cleaning.


7. Wash excess paint out with this soap.


8. Form tips of brushes using spit or milk. They will dry in this position. 


We also recommend Brush Therapy

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