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Drawing eCourse Overview & Benefits

Learning to draw is essential in painting. In this blog article and video, you will learn about the Drawing eCourse overview and benefits by Sherrie McGraw. You will see why it is so relatable to artists. Especially those with an interest in learning to draw and improve their painting skills.

Sherrie has created something that helps people get excited about drawing. Sherrie McGraw’s drawing eCourse overview and online course will change the way you think about drawing. This world-renowned artist has built on the popularity of her book, The Language of Drawing. She has developed accessible online drawing classes and a complete drawing online course series. It makes drawing an exciting tool.  These amazing online drawing classes will teach you to see like an artist. They will also improve your drawing and painting.

eCourse Goal

The goal of the drawing eCourse overview is to make drawing something that is accessible to everybody. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional artist.

If you’ve always wanted to draw, but were intimidated by the dry, tedious way it is usually taught, then Sherrie McGraw’s drawing tutorials will change the way you think about drawing. If you are a professional artist who is bored and looking to make your drawings come alive, these drawing lesson videos are for you.  By drawing a few minutes a day, you will learn the drawing fundamentals and elements that all good draftsmen know.

The drawing lessons show people that it is a very specific language. Sherrie starts from drawing common objects around the house, progressing to self portraits, drawing hands, to a portrait. She also explains the skeleton of the body, and the importance of this to drawing.

Even if somebody already knows how to draw, this Drawing eCourse overview is a great way to revitalize them. If it’s somebody just beginning, it also offers all the very basic information. It will be incredibly helpful to get folks on their way to thinking that drawing is something you can do online.

With over 40 years of experience Sherrie McGraw will help you learn to draw with digestible chunks that you can watch over and over again.

Watch the Drawing eCourse Overview video below to learn more about the following:

  • Obstacles students are going to face when they’re trying to learn
  • Why learning online is better than a workshop
  • How the Drawing eCourse is different from other online drawing courses
  • Suggestions for how students study the 4 Part eCourse

Learn More about the Drawing eCourse.

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