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Painting and Drawing Advice David Leffel Facebook Live

Painting and Drawing Advice on Facebook by David Leffel

David Leffel has a illustrious career, and has always made time to teach.  Early on, he developed a love of sharing his understanding about painting and drawing with others. At some point, he realized that workshops and class situations limited his access to students. Offering painting and drawing advice via online art instructional videos became a way for everyone to learn.

That is why a few years ago, he teamed up with three of his former students, Sherrie McGraw, Jacqueline Kamin, and Stacy Kamin. They created an art library of instructional online videos. The idea is around connecting and interacting online with a greater number of people through demonstrations, special tutorials, lectures, and painting and drawing tips and advice.

Now, people from all over the world can learn to draw and paint like the masters. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced artist, learning is possible. Our books, eBooks, and eCourses are a great compliment to our art instructional classes. All are augmented with videos to explain the text, making our teaching really come alive.

Learning is Now Easier Than Before

When it comes to his philosophy of painting, David seeks to understand the process of painting in the way a theoretical physicist seeks to understand the universe. In fact, he does not paint people or fruit, but quarks and electrons, waves and particles. His objects only appear to be solid when you step back to where you can no longer see the motion. He calls this process of the artist seeking to comprehend nature “intelligence.” It is a key aspect of David Leffel’s philosophy.

Leffel’s collectors respond strongly to the timeless, humane qualities in his work. In conversation with a collector, Leffel once mentioned how his paintings are about light and shadow. “Oh,” said the collector, “I thought they were about quiet.”

Painting and Drawing Advice by David Leffel

This connection between art and life is not limited to the attitudes of collectors: It is fundamental to Leffel’s philosophy. He asserts, “The more you invest in anything, the more you get out of it. That’s true in any area of life. That kind of attitude is always looking for a better solution: What’s stronger, what’s simpler? It requires insight to find a beautiful, consistent, structural unity. Like a good musical composition, everything dovetails, nothing is extraneous; everything functions for the good of the whole. It takes tremendous energy and commitment.

If you have an interest in understanding what it means to see like an artist through a study of painting and drawing, we invite you to visit The Artists Guild at Bright Light Fine Art. Also, join David Leffel on Facebook to watch his Live Broadcasts every Sunday at 11:00AM Mountain Time. He gives free insight into painting and drawing, and his amazing techniques, and passes his knowledge along to the world.

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